Brother Dan Badsing was a Franciscan Brother. He was born April 29, 1911 in Chicago, Illinois. He came to St. Francis Xavier Parish in 1950, and spent forty (of the next forty-eight) years here with us.

Brother Dan was a small man with a large heart. He always smiled, and loved to give something to everyone he met. Heloved to give and share, without expecting anything in return. His belief was that you could lead people to the Lord through everyday good deeds.

In his pantry at the Rectory, Brother Dan kept “extra food” so that he could help anyone in need. He helped all that came to the priest’s door, and then with a smile and a wave, he would send them off with bags of food.

On December 23rd, 2002, Brother Dan died. God granted him his wish “to be in Heaven by Christmas”.

In October of 2003, with Father Denny Stilwell’s vision, Brother Dan’s Food Pantry opened with regular hours of service. Today the pantry is 100% staffed by volunteers from the entire community, and serves an average of 500-600 families every two weeks. Brother Dan’s is a non-denominational outreach of St. Francis Xavier Parish.

Brother Dan was a quiet, God-loving, man with a kind, loving, heart. Today, he continues to inspire us as our namesake and exemplar, as we “serve as God’s hands and helping to feed the needy”.

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